Shocking: See what was recovered inside a goat in Cross River

Wonders they say will never end. Strange things do happen in this world we are living in!

Goats are known to feed on grasses and at times foods eaten by human beings but a goat has decided to feed on something else other than the natural meals meant for it. A goat in Ajere, Ekori in Cross River state has been alleged to have eaten up metallic objects.

The gotten it was said fed on wedding rings, old pennies (money spent in the old days), wristwatches and other times.

It was reported that many might not have noticed the odd way of feeding of this goat until it was killed and these things were found in its intestines.

Many people have said the goat is not an ordinary goat. Some even said the goat should not be eaten by anybody as it is supernatural. They believe the goat has put many families in agony with many marriages broken.

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